Advanced Technology

At See You Vision Care, our optometrists strive to stay current with the latest diagnostic tools and treatments in order to cover all your ocular medical needs.

Our eyes contain over two million working parts and are the body’s second most complex organ, after our brain. It takes high tech equipment and skilled doctors to properly navigate the complexities of the human eye. Our state-of-the-art technology and advanced services allows our optometrists to capture a permanent record of the current condition and state of your eyes. This is important in order to monitor and diagnose ocular diseases at the earliest stages possible when they are most easily managed and treated.

We recommend an annual Wellness Scan (which includes screening retinal photographs and screening OCT scans) to patients of all ages. These images are stored as part of your medical records and allow our Optometrists to make important comparisons if potential problems arise at a future eye examination.

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We have the latest technology in eye care

Diagnostic tests

Our office offers high resolution retinal photography, which uses a computer-integrated digital imaging system to capture a non-invasive detailed image of the retina and the internal eye structures. This assists our optometrists in early detection and management of ocular complications and is especially important for those with a history of diabetes, high blood pressure, retinal diseases, glaucoma, decreased vision or a strong glasses prescription.

We recommend that all our patients have this test done as these images provides a baseline for future comparisons and serves as an excellent reference point for monitoring of changes that may be occurring in the eye.

The Ocular Coherence Tomographer (OCT) is a diagnostic tool used to produce a high resolution cross-sectional image of the internal structures of the eye. It uses non-invasive imaging technology and is similar to an ultrasound except the imaging is captured by light rather than sound.

When used as part of your regular eye examination, it assists our optometrists in early diagnosis and subsequent treatment of diseases such as macular degeneration, glaucoma and various other retinal diseases.

The “visual field” of a person is considered the entire area of space that a person is able to visualize.

Visual field testing is performed to assess the quality and quantity of a patient’s central and peripheral vision. This aids our optometrists in the diagnosis and treatment of many different ocular diseases such as central nerve pathology, glaucoma and macular field changes, as well as detecting neurological disorders such as tumours, strokes, and aneurysms.

Our office uses the state-of-the-art automated perimetery, which has become a benchmark in visual field testing around the world.